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The Past Prime Bowling Tourney


    The Anti Christ on his way to a 300!

    Sing “Summer Lovin” w/ me at Karaoke later?

    Why do I keep getting that 7-10 split?!?

Held in late January or early February at the palatial Dewey Gardens in Greece, New York, the Past Prime Bowling Tourney will celebrate it’s 12th anniversary in 2012.

Originally the brainchild of a drunken bender betwixt our venerable veterinarian, Doc and resident Martha Stewart fan, SirJay in the late 90’s, the dream became a reality in 2001.

Teams are drawn the night of by Lanemaster Vujo and revealed at the pre-tourney “prayer” session presided by the Rev. Chas McGurn just prior to the tourney. The cost for this wildly popular event is approx. $15.00. This includes 3 games of kegling and all the cardboard pizza you can eat. No prizes are awarded but everyone takes turns purchasing rounds of brewskis.

Lastly, the illustrious "Bad Venison" award - is given to the Tourney player that best  exemplifies showing utter disregard for either their own bodies and/or their bowling mates for the entire day. Tour favorite, Vic Hannak, once again beat back all challengers in 2006 as he did in 2005 for this prestigious award. Sadly, he has not been able to attend the last few years. Hence, no award was given.